meet aphrodite

She is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, fertility, and protectress of sailors. She is said to of been born from the sea-foam and floated ashore on a giant shell, thus Aphrodite is represented by the oyster shell.  Aphrodite Oysters specializes in shucking the freshest oysters while mingling at your private parties, weddings, corporate events, and even boat cruises.


meet the owner

Hello, I'm Kristen Jordan 'KJ' and a mermaid at heart!

My good ole' texan meat and potato palate blossomed while living in Thailand, quickly falling in love with the depth of flavors and mysteries revealed by travel. In fact, Aphrodite Oysters' Signature Mignonette incorporates thai chilis and lemongrass. From Morocco, Portugal and Spain, to Croatia, Hungary and Germany, I experienced our vast world of food. I began my classical training as the only assistant to a dutch chef at a Bali-inspired hotel in Costa Rica serving fine french 4-course dinners. I also prepared raw and vegan foods at an eco-lodge that had over 45 edible leaves. Continuing south to Buenos Aires, Argentina I worked with an independent chef and caterer grilling cheese on the parilla and learning of the italian influences. Once returning to Austin, Texas, I could not stay away from the culinary world, thus I took a position at Perla's Oyster Bar. Returning to my first love of Thai food, I joined Sway in its grand opening serving their seafood and curry stations. I fell in love with oysters so much, that I decided to start Aphrodite Oysters raw bar catering!

Happy shucking!